1. General

Art. 1. The purpose of the Code of Ethics is to encourage all members of BASSI to adhere to the strictest guidelines for conduct in fulfilling their commitment in accordance with applicable laws, contracts, procedures and ethical principles.

Art. 2. Compliance with this Code is mandatory for any person working for any member of BASSI.

Art. 3. Each member of BASSI declares when submitting the membership documents that he will comply with the Code of Ethics of BASSI.

Art. 4. Compliance with the Code of Ethics may not contradict the applicable law, and in the event of such a case, the Code will be updated in accordance with legal provisions.

  • Ethical behavior

Art. 5. By admitting new members of any kind to BASSI, each of them agrees to abide by the present rules and norms of conduct:

To comply with current legislation

Take responsibility for your actions

To spend time in activities for BASSI

To provide information required by BASSI

To report irregularities

To show honesty and respect

To protect free competition and good market practices

Do not tolerate bribery and corruption under any circumstances

Not to undermine the prestige of BASSI by any actions

Avoid conflicts of interest

Do not show discrimination based on race, gender, religion, etc.

The members of the governing bodies of BASSI should not use their position in any form to obtain advantages and benefits for the enterprises managed by them

  • Fair competition

Art. 6. BASSI members should comply with existing legislation in their relations with each other and with other companies.

Art. 7. The use of advertisements that are misleading or may unreasonably damage the image of the Association, competitors, services and products is not allowed.

Art. 8. Agreements with competitors seeking to coordinate their actions on the market in order to establish a monopoly are not allowed.

Art. 9. False statements used for the purpose of advertising or to defame competitors are not permitted.

Art. 10. Behavior that may lead to price abuse or price manipulation is not allowed.

Art. 11. Each member of BASSI should ensure the protection of any confidential information, as well as not share any material information that is not publicly available, with third parties for their own benefit or for the benefit of related or third parties or with intent for market changes.

  • Information

Art. 12. Information published through the internal channels of BASSI may under no circumstances be published in external media without the express written consent of the Board or the PR Commission of BASSI.

Art. 13. Only the Management Board or the PR Commission of BASSI have the right to create accounts in social networks – websites, blogs and others for BASSI.

Art. 14. Only persons with explicit written permission may publish information or opinions through the accounts of BASSI in social networks, and are obliged to comply with the Code of Ethics and to act properly in this regard, to make a correct and reasonable assessment and to carefully choose the information that share.

Art. 15. BASSI has the right to provide information to third parties upon request and obtaining written consent from the interested party in order to present the activities of its members.

Art. 16. BASSI creates and maintains a register with information about its members. The information is created and updated on the basis of the information submitted by each member, and the members are responsible for the accuracy of the data.

Art. 17. The submission of false information about the subject of activity is inadmissible according to the Code of Ethics of BASSI.

Art. 18. Each company may submit to BASSI information related to the interests of the members of BASSI.

 Art. 19. The members of BASSI are not obliged to submit inside information to BASSI, which is considered secret.

  • Ethics Committee

Art. 20. In order to comply with the Code of Ethics and resolve cases arising from its application, an Ethics Commission shall be established consisting of at least three members. The decision to establish the commission is taken by the Board of BASSI.

Art. 21. The members of the Ethics Committee are elected by the Management Board of BASSI.

Art. 22. The Ethics Committee considers complaints related to the Code of Ethics.

Art. 23. Any member may submit information and / or complaints to the Ethics Committee.

Art. 24. The Ethics Commission proposes to the General Assembly and the Management Board of BASSI measures and sanctions after consideration of the received complaints.

Art. 25. The Ethics Committee may open a case by itself if sufficient information is available.

Art. 26. The Ethics Commission reports to the Board of BASSI.

  • Final provisions

Art. 27. The Code of Ethics was adopted at a meeting of the General Assembly of BASSI on 03.06.2020 and is active since 08.06.2020.

Art. 28. Any violation of this Code may result in sanctions and / or expulsion of a member from BASSI.

Art. 29. All proposals for changes in the Code of Ethics should be submitted to and considered by the Ethics Committee.

Art. 30. All proposals for changes in the Code of Ethics are voted by the General Assembly of BASSI.