Bulgarian Association of the Software and Services Industry Program for the period 2020 – 2022


In the world we live in technology and innovation plays a bigger and bigger role into the development of a project or a business and is quickly becoming one of the most important key areas that can either make or break the outcome of any initiative. 

The new digital era in the IT business is changing market behavior rapidly and companies are realizing the benefits of implementing digital technologies that help them to improve their business performance and deliver superior services to their customers. 

If the IT and technology market was initially driven by short term goals such as cost reduction and efficiency, today the paradigm has shifted. Innovation is one of the hottest buzzwords, which has been circulating in the global IT world for the past few years.

Finding trusted partners and suppliers of services can be a challenging task. Finding those that can deliver high-end products or services is a truly valuable asset. In the highly commoditized business environment having a trusted consultant that can guide you and help you navigate the vast ocean of technical and software potential and opportunities, now this is a real gem!  

Bulgaria is steadily becoming one of the most preferred countries for software development, IT excellence and outsourced services. Fluency in various European languages, a technical workforce as well as traditions in software development and programming is what attracts foreign investors, while the macroeconomic stability and the membership in the European Union complement the value to Bulgaria’s image of a trusted solutions delivery location. 

The Bulgarian services industry offers offshore, nearshore and onshore delivery models to its allies, giving them the opportunity to choose the best option for their business needs.

Maintaining agility in a software and app development business can be challenging for any company, no matter the size. Pricing or resources varies quickly, the focus is shifted by fast emerging trends in technology, and powerhouses face competition from offshore regions. 

One of the main problems facing the outsourcing industry is the staff shortage, which affects each of the industries on a global scale. A positive trend in the world is that uniting companies under one organization creates a support structure that works as a focal point for the interest and attention of professionals and is attracting more and more of the right people. 

BASSI main goals 2020 – 2022

•Connect members to new markets, clients and opportunities 

•Drive growth

•Increase capabilities of local software and service companies

•Share experience and knowledge through various distribution channels (outsource.bg / industrytalks.tech / smehelp.eu  and others)

•Foster growth in the region through a network of partners

Connecting members to new markets, clients and opportunities 

The Bulgarian Association of the Software and Services Industry is going to focus on building a solid members base and creating strategic partnerships on a local, regional and international level. Helping potential clients maximize outcomes as a basis for their outsourced development strategy or service needs and helping our partners to achieve their strategic goals. 

We are seeking to grow both our members and partners networks, delivering opportunities and connecting markets, clients and service providers with the best matching partners and projects. 

Develop initiatives to drive growth both internally and externally

The business environment in Bulgaria cultivated an innovation spirit that turns outsourcing into team extension, then to remote product and app development instead of just providing simple

outsourcing services. We want to work closely with the companies and help them grow through the right steps at the right time – be that education, staffing, new opportunities, client acquisition pipelines or strategic partnerships and investments. This is why we will be:

  • Working on creating, developing and growing topic-based/industry workgroups, helping our members level up their domain expertise and specialized skills. 
  • Working to alleviate staffing issues for our members, clients and partners. 
  • Holding regular presentations to set the road ahead and present the opportunities that have risen from our work with partner organizations and potential clients, prepare our members for sending the best offers to potential projects and open calls we have matched them with. 
  • Developing marketing initiatives presenting the association and its members. 
  • Attending events and representing our members 
  • Leading industry talks (Webinars) to educate but also to prepare our members for upcoming projects and opportunities through our IndustryTalks.tech channel
  • Fostering Online presence, creating video, audio and written content to showcase good practices, past projects and success stories from our community. 

Training and increasing the capabilities of local software and service companies

We want our members to have access to educational and training programs and content for their staffing and onboarding needs – social skills and communication classes, leadership, and training sessions, building their soft skills on top of the extensive technologies and programming abilities. These competencies will keep increasing the quality of the services delivered for all our members and benefit the whole BASSI network. 

Here is how we intend to achieve it: 

  • Working on providing access to training content based on the challenges that originate from the rapid shift in the business environment aiming to increase the level of understanding of what is coming and prepare our members to be sustainable in the fast-changing business world. 
  • Developing content for software developers – host online and offline panels and discussions about hot topics, both from the technological world and the business world. 
  • Supporting service companies through a stable growth framework based on internal development of staff, career frameworks and personal development.
  • Supporting our members in developing technological and operational capabilities so that they can deliver an ever-increasing quality of service. 

Create a network of partners to foster growth in the region 

  • Promoting companies from the region that deliver high quality services. 
  • Position and present our members in the best possible way in front of the right regional and international partner organizations and potential clients. 
  • Generating new leads and opportunities through our web properties is one of the pillars of our two year program. 
  • Creating a platform for high quality content that will allow companies and potential clients to learn about us and our members and contact us with their specific needs. 
  • Strive to provide maximum value to all stakeholders – partners, clients and companies that are part of the BASSI network. 

Share our experience and knowledge through our distribution channels

  • We are going to create a rich content experience through our distribution channels: 
    outsource.bg / industrytalks.tech / smehelp.eu and their respective social media channels in youtube, facebook, instagram, linkedin and twitter. 
  • We are going to use those web properties to share our experience, showcase our top members and partners and present projects and opportunities. 
  • We will be sharing best practices and up-to-date industry news from the region and our network in particular. 
  • Showcasing unique solutions and the best practices in the form of case studies and project reports.
  • We will actively use our digital channels to present and provide information that will facilitate the conversation with new partners and clients.

 As a result we help decision-makers better understand the advantages of working with the companies from our network. 


Our main goal is to become the environment that fosters long lasting relationships and true partnerships between high-standard companies and clients. Bringing the most effective solutions to small and medium sized clients matchmaking them with their best possible providers. 

All our goals aim to have a positive effect on the software and services industry sectors in Bulgaria and in particular the provisioning of services, related to the development of information technology outsourcing, software development, software maintenance and system integration as well as the development of shared service centers and workflow outsourcing.

We believe that the technical knowledge and experience of the Bulgarian small and medium sized technology, software and service companies is vastly underutilized and we aim to expand the horizons of both – the local companies and their potential clients who can benefit tremendously by working with them.

The future will bring more and greater needs for specialized knowledge so we will be building a framework for service excellence amongst our members, connecting them to their right partners and clients and facilitating growth for both sides.