Discover New Markets, Clients and Opportunities

If you are looking for new markets, customers and opportunities, then we would like to work together for the growth of your company and the development of the sector in Bulgaria.

At BASSI we can help you find ways to grow your employees and hire skilled staff. Together we can find new channels for customers, strategic partnerships and investments.

We work on creating, developing and expanding specialized workgroups, helping our members to increase their experience in their field.

We know how important it is to defend our common interests before institutions and businesses.

The Bulgarian Association of the Software and Services Industry is focused on building a solid membership base and creating strategic partnerships at local, regional and international levels.

We help our partners to improve their results and our members to achieve their strategic goals faster.

Your advantages. Our contacts. Joint success!

At BASSI we know how important it is the achievements to be made public. We help our members present themselves to potential customers in the best way possible.

We believe that success must be visible. That’s why we develop marketing initiatives. We will help you create the right content to let more people know about your strenghts.

It is important to keep evolving, so we look for channels to find new knowledge. This is how our IndustryTalks channel was born, where specialists answer important questions and help you find a solution.

Together we can participate in the biggest professional events and prepare presentations and thematic materials.

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