Find The Right Partner For Your Next Project

In the world we live in technology and innovation plays a bigger and bigger role into the development of a project or a business and is quickly becoming one of the most important key areas that can either make or break the outcome of any initiative. 

If the IT and technology market was initially driven by short term goals such as cost reduction and efficiency, today the paradigm has shifted. Innovation is one of the hottest buzzwords, which has been circulating in the global IT world for the past few years.

The Bulgarian Association of the Software and Services Industry is going to focus on building a solid members base and creating strategic partnerships on a local, regional and international level. Helping potential clients maximize outcomes as a basis for their outsourced development strategy or service needs and helping our partners achieve faster their strategic goals. 

Challenge Accepted

Finding trusted partners and suppliers of services can be a challenging task. Finding those that can deliver high-end products or services is a truly valuable asset. In the highly commoditized business environment having a trusted consultant that can guide you and help you navigate the vast ocean of technical and software potential and opportunities, now this is a real gem!  

Bulgaria is steadily becoming one of the most preferred countries for software development, IT excellence and outsourced services. Fluency in various European languages, a technical workforce as well as traditions in software development and programming is what attracts foreign investors, while the macroeconomic stability and the membership in the European Union complement the value to Bulgaria’s image of a trusted solutions delivery location. 

The Bulgarian services industry offers offshore, nearshore and onshore delivery models to its allies, giving them the opportunity to choose the best option for their business needs.


Our Partners